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© Jeanette Crews Designs, Inc.

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She Walks In Beauty

SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY This pattern comes from the book She Walks In Beauty number 620443 from Jeanette Crews Designs, Inc. The pattern displays a young woman dressed in a cream dress holding a floral umbrella. The background consists of a fence, trees, and wildflowers. Backstitch: Backstitch rose in umbrella below chin in 350 Backstitch around face, neck and hands in 356 Backstitch knob end of umbrella in 504 using two strands of floss Backstitch ring in Metallic Gold Long Stitches: Handle of umbrella in white using two strands of floss In spokes of umbrella in 434 using two strands of floss In lady's waist in 463 using two strands of floss In sleeves of dress in 712 using two strands of floss Grass to lower center and right in 712 Grass to far left in 738 Grass in foreground in 739 In fence post to left in 838 Along top ruffle on skirt in 839 Left side of umbrella handle in 839 using two strands of floss In hair in 842 Roses on umbrella in 948 Along top of ruffle of umbrella in 3021 using two strands of floss Waistline of dress in 3022 Edge of skirt to lower left in 3023 In bottom left of umbrella in 3371 using two strands of floss In hair in 3773 Along top ruffle in umbrella in 3787 using two strands of floss In tassels and lips in 3857 In eye, nose, neckline and hands in 3862 In fence to right and left in 3866 Model: Fabric: 28ct. Black Fabric Floss: Cross-stitch - 2 strands Backstitch - 1 strand, unless noted otherwise in key

Designer: Marty Bell
Size: (Stitches) 150w X 200h
Format: PCStitch Pattern (Ver: 5)
Your Price:  $6.99

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Download Only:$6.99You will download the pattern.  Nothing will be mailed, so you pay no printing or shipping charges.

Printed:$8.99We'll print the design on 32lb paper with color backstitching and black & white symbols and mail it to you. S&H charges will apply.


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